Some quick charcoal sketches... just needed to take a break from other projects and stuff.


Philipe Rios said...
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Philipe Rios said...

Hi Jake, that low key lighting adds so much mood to your sketches. For the bottom one, did you just sketch a general shape and then filled in what you saw?
Awesome as always!
Typo errors on comment above :P

Jake Panian said...

Hey Philipe,

Thanks for your comment!

The bottom one actually started out more deliberate and then as the drawing progressed I was picking and choosing which shapes to emphasize. I started with 3 characters, but at the very end I joined their bodies together making that dark shape.

Kevin Yang said...

preettyyy sweeet stuff jake!

Philipe Rios said...

Thank you so much Jake For that insightful look at your method and for taking the time to explain it. I will try it out and see how it goes :).